Münchner StadtmuseumLand_Scope – Fotoarbeiten von Roni Horn bis Thomas Ruff (from the DZ Bank Art Collection), exhibition catalog, incl. introduction by Volker Demuth, 2018
Translation into English

DZ Bank – Aspects of Drawing in Photography, 2019 Calendar
Translation of 12 calendar essays

Eva Schwab
“Hippokamp” in Séance Fiction, Kann Verlag, 2017
60 Jahre Schwab Versand, 2015
Nachbilder, 2005-2010, Kerber Edition Young Art, 2010
Translation into English of introductions, essays in art publications

Lektoratphilosophie.de – academic philosophical essays, 2005 - ongoing
Translation into English and editorial work

PR Newswire – various corporate press releases, 2013 – ongoing
Translation into English

Intel Corp. – marketing material, video scripts, and audio-visual trainings for authorized dealers and technology providers, 2000 – ongoing
Translation into English